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This iPad-only app allows the user to search the New York Times article archives from September 18, 1851 to today.

Search Tips The earliest articles in the New York Times archives are from September 18, 1851. The datePicker wheels restrict the user from specifying any date before that.

A blank search query (the default) generates a search for all articles within the search period. When the app is invoked, the search is performed for all articles (blank search query) from the current date.

A search with a specified query term looks for matches in the body, headline and byline within the chosen search period.

Specifying a search query with two or more words, such as “Taylor Swift” generates a search for both words, i.e., “Taylor and Swift”, not a search for the phrase “Taylor Swift”

Connection/Data Error Connection/Data problems can be caused by cranky Internet connections, network component failures, or faulty encoding of the archive data. If you encounter problems, try the search again. Sometimes changing or expanding the search timeframe can provide a workaround for faulty data encoding.
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Application Programming Interface (API) New York Times “Article Search” API

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